Friday, 13 March 2015

Raffy Munny Doll (sort of review)

Lovely bright boxes, bigger than we expected too.
A few years ago I bought a DIY Vinylmation from Disneyland and have not had the courage to actually decorate it. Whilst browsing for similar products I came across Munny Dolls by a company called Kidrobot. I managed to get two Raffys on Ebay for a very reasonable price, cheap enough that I wouldn't be too heartbroken if I didn't like the outcome (unlike my Vinylmation).

Lilly Webbling (aged 6) and I decided to have a girly night, we listened to a bit of Zac Brown Band and decorated our Raffys.

They come in a lovely colourful box and the giraffe is very strong and durable. It will handle a lot of playtime. Inside the box you get your Raffy, which were much larger than I had expected and great for little hands to decorate. You also get a sticker with an outline so that you can design your Raffy before you put anything on the actual vinyl. A Hello My Name Is card with a holographic sticker showing its authenticity AND .... a blind bag with one mystery accessory.

The other contents of the box.

Lilly and I both got the same accessory, I am not sure if this is just the standard one for all Raffys or if we were just unlucky/lucky, we do love the ties that we got.

We decided to use our ties as testers ...

We got ties in our blind bags, great for practicing.

I used Inktense Blocks by Derwent for mine and Lilly used Sharpie markers because they were easier for her to handle.

Both mediums were easy to apply, I used a paintbrush and water for the Inktense.

The Sharpie pens stay a little tacky for a while after drawing your design so you can get a few finger prints in unwanted areas but it does go on in very vibrant colours. The Inktense was much softer almost like watercolours and did smudge a little even after around an hour of drying. However the next morning neither was tacky or smudging.

Has anyone seen my body?

 You can take the heads off to make it a little easier to decorate them separately, I found this particularly helpful when I was trying to paint the face onto the Raffy, it was just easier to get it at the angle I needed. This is also the only way to get the tie on :).

Do you think our ties look smart?

 Lilly designed her Raffy completely independently and I absolutely love her eyelashes! We did find with both the Sharpie and the Inktense that once the colour is on there, you cannot remove it completely! So be sure that you really do want that colour before you apply.

We have pretty backsides too.

We decorated all over our Raffys, just playing and having fun. I love how free Lilly was with her colours, children are not inhibited and it really shows in her Raffy how much she loves bold bright colour and just how much fun she had.

Rosie is cheeky.

This is a close up of Lilly's Raffy, she is now named Rosie.

Chhestring is shy.

And this is my Raffy who has been named Cheesestring (thanks to the suggestion of Harrison aged 3)

In my opinion for the money, these are fantastic creative toys. You don't need expensive materials to decorate them, you could use acrylic paints or any marker pens.They took us around two hours from start to finish then around twelve hours drying time just to be sure the inks had set. It was such a fun canvas to work on and I believe it would be quite difficult to end up with a Raffy that wasn't adorable.

They have been handled and played with by both of the Webblings who adore them. I would like to try one with a unicorn horn one day and perhaps one with wings but the possibilities are endless. I can see them being played with for a long time to come. xxx