Friday, 8 July 2016

Meet The Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique Makers

Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique would not be anywhere near as magical if it wasn't for the amazing artists that stock the shelves and offer you something unique to spend your golden nuggets on! For this I thank them all, I hope that you feel like you know them all a little more after reading their profiles and putting some faces to names xxx

Monday, 6 June 2016

Enchanted Tales Of The Pirate Cornling Preorder

The time has finally arrived! I am now taking preorders for the brand new book Enchanted Tales Of The Pirate Cornling. There are five options to choose from...

A. Signed Copy of the new book £7.50

B. Signed Copy of the new book and a needlefelted pirate or princess Cornling £12.00

C.Signed Copy of the new book, needle felted pirate or princess cornling and cornlings colouring set £16.00

D. Signed Copy of the new book, needle felted pirate or princess cornling, cornlings colouring set and a signed and numbered print of one of the book pages (limited to 10 orders only) £25.00

E. Signed bundle, one copy of Tales Of The Enchanted Cornlings and one copy of Enchanted Tales Of The Pirate Cornling £13.50

ALL INCLUDE UK POSTAGE (for overseas please ask) 
These bundle offers will only be available until the day that I order the books.

I hope to have the books printed by late July and posted no later than the beginning of August, in time to share with your little ones over the long summer break.

Message me to order or ask any questions, xxx
Preview of a page in progress

mermaid page in progress

Advertisements and large Cornling on display in Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I have been Bear making! I am officially an addict! xxx

I am loving bear making at the moment and I cannot get enough of the beautiful furs sold by BSB Bear Supplies I am dreaming of the lovely bears that I could make from each of the gorgeous colours!

Here are just some of the bears that I have created over the last few weeks, some of which are available to buy from Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique or just to come and cuddle!


I love Crandberry's vintage style.


Possibly my favourite bear to date, The colours are so pretty.


Angla is a little angel bear that went to live in Sweeden.


Barnaby is by far the biggest bear that I have ever made!


My first Racoon, made for one of my very best friends.


Mabel is tall and skinny, so much personality and very pink.


Super cute little pixie bear, my first with cotton body!


Very flufy, very hard to photograph, Serpent of the sound!


Theo is a little bear that has floral cotton accents and is really shy.

I have a very fluffy bear that needs photographing too but what colour do you think that I should do next? I am tempted to do a green fairy bear with lots of flowers! I would also like to make a unibear and a merbear, so many ideas, so little time! 

Love Samantha xxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Stockist Showcase - Angel Heart Keepsakes

This Alice In Wonderland bauble has beautiful paper details.
I have been to countless amounts of craft fairs, whenever we are away I search for little artisan shops to spend my pennies on. I truly do think there is something just a little more magical when an item has been created from someones own hands and heart.

This fairy bauble is my favourite, there is so much to see!
That being said, I have seen a lot of different crafts but when artist Lesley Munnings bought her baubles into The Enchanted Boutique for the first time, I was literally amazed! I have never seen anything even close to what her baubles are like. They are truly enchanting and no photograph could do them justice (though I have tried to take some nice ones!)  The detail and the intricacy of the designs are stunning, there is so much to see in each one that you could get lost inside them daydreaming the day away.

This new mum with twin babies is needle felted and adorned with gems.

Lesley is a local artist based in Plymouth, she is available for custom orders too and can be contacted through her facebook page, Angel Heart Keepsakes.

You can order any letter/name.
So once upon a time I would have said that baubles were for Christmas but Angel Heart Keepsakes has proved that baubles are for life NOT just for Christmas! Come down to The House That Jack Built on Plymouth Barbican and find Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique to see a collection of baubles to cherish all year long. xxx

Baubles come in different sizes and are mounted on wood or have stands.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Plymouth Pirate Weekend with Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique

The Webb family have been to Plymouth Pirate weekend over the last few years and always had fun taking part in the activities, the treasure hunts and meeting the pirates. This year was the first year that we got 'proffessionally' involved in Pirate Weekend. Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique got right in the spirit of the occasion and even entered the Best Dressed Business Competition and although we were beaten by the fantastic Roly's Fudge, it was a brilliant chance to practise window dressing!

That is Mr Webb enjoying a delicious ice cream from Edwards Fudge Kitchen you can see in the background.

A sneak peek of the pirate Cornling book, coming in June!

Barnaby bear, Noel and Captain Jack all dressed for the occasion!

We got dressed up, I was a sea witch, and we had our very own mermaid greeting the children and giving out sweeties too!

Mermaid Lillyana and Bailey Bubbles made lots of children smile!

Fun was had by all of the Webb Family.

The pirates had to hold their breaths when visiting the mermaids below the water!
The whole of Plymouth Barbican got involved and there was so much going on! Everyone at The House That Jack Built got dressed up and decorated our shops, there was excitement in the air all week in the run up to the big weekend. I would like to say thank you to all of the other tenants who helped keep my head above water so that I didn't feel too out of my depth on such a busy weekend.

Thank you all so much for your support!
I also made a new friend (literally) this week ... Oliver has been on my head all weekend enjoying the view too! He is needle felted and beaded with organza 'ink' attached with hair clips.

Oliver The Octopus!
The whole family had yet another fantastic Plymouth Pirate Weekend on Plymouth Barbican and we can't wait for next year to do it all again!

Harrison and Jonty Depp

Harrison and a scurvy sea dog!

Happy Hook Hand Harrison and the light of my life, Mr Webb.

We hope everyone had as fantastic a time as we did and that we see you all at The House That Jack Built soon xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Stockists Showcase - Splash of Crafts by Zoe


Every week I will be showcasing a different artist that I stock in Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique. 
This week I am starting off with the wonderfully whimsical dolls from Splash Of Crafts by Zoe. 

Based in Derbyshire, UK, Zoe Marshall lovingly handpaints these beautiful peg dolls.  

Each peg doll has an enormous amount of hand painted detail, making every one a teeny piece of artwork and a treasure to behold. Each one also comes in a pretty little organza bag or a very cute little sock, a brilliant idea for storing your goodies in my opinion! 

These two puddings are my favourites at the moment but I look forward to seeing the pretty and peculiar peg dolls that find forever homes in the Enchanted Boutique! 

So pop down and see which one takes your fancy, prices start from an incredibly reasonable £2 and you might even see some familiar faces amongst the peg doll creations!!! xxx

Monday, 9 May 2016

What A Week It Has Been ...

Well, Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique made it through the first week of trading and it has been a whirlwind! Time really does fly when you are having fun!

My darling Goddaughters helping me out!

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people that have come through the door this week, it has been wonderful to meet fairy fans of all ages! Thank you to all of the other businesses in the shopping arcade too for making me feel so welcome already!

You can see my shop and all of the other wonderful treasures on the website The House That Jack Built but do come and see us in person if you get the chance because the grotto is magical in person.

I have also managed to squeeze in a book reading of The Tales Of The Enchanted Cornlings which the children really seemed to enjoy. Thank you to the lovely NetMums Meet Up for inviting me! This is Ruby with my giant Cornling, Callie. They really got on well!

Star listener, Ruby at the book reading!
The first week has been fantastic and I cannot wait to open for the second week to begin!

I have been very brave and entered the Plymouth Pirate Weekend, Best Dressed Window Competition, so fingers and hooks crossed that we can make it fabulous! To make it extra special we have a mermaid visiting from the depths of the ocean for one weekend only!

So come along and see the Enchanted Boutique for yourself, you won't be dissapointed xxx