Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I have been Bear making! I am officially an addict! xxx

I am loving bear making at the moment and I cannot get enough of the beautiful furs sold by BSB Bear Supplies I am dreaming of the lovely bears that I could make from each of the gorgeous colours!

Here are just some of the bears that I have created over the last few weeks, some of which are available to buy from Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique or just to come and cuddle!


I love Crandberry's vintage style.


Possibly my favourite bear to date, The colours are so pretty.


Angla is a little angel bear that went to live in Sweeden.


Barnaby is by far the biggest bear that I have ever made!


My first Racoon, made for one of my very best friends.


Mabel is tall and skinny, so much personality and very pink.


Super cute little pixie bear, my first with cotton body!


Very flufy, very hard to photograph, Serpent of the sound!


Theo is a little bear that has floral cotton accents and is really shy.

I have a very fluffy bear that needs photographing too but what colour do you think that I should do next? I am tempted to do a green fairy bear with lots of flowers! I would also like to make a unibear and a merbear, so many ideas, so little time! 

Love Samantha xxx