52 Week Illu 2015

I was introduced to this challenge in 2014 by a friend and am hooked. I hope that you like my submissions and if you feel like joining in please see the details here ... Facebook Group and http://illo52weeks.blogspot.com.au/ xxx

Week 21 - stripes   Harry was taking the cops and robbers theme for the fancy dress party a bit more serious than Lilly xxx:
Week 21 - Stripes

Week 20 - melancholy I hope that no matter what my Webblings will always lean on each other xxx:
Week 20 - Melancholy

Week 19 - Eat, most of the time Lilly is very lady like but when she eats spaghetti she is even messier than Harry xxx:
Week 19 - Eat

Week 18 - Art Deco way out of my comfort zone here so I hope this is within the theme xxx:
Week 18 - Art Deco

Week 17 - fluffy, nothing better than getting in your onesie curling up and taking a nap xxx:
Week 17 - Fluffy

Week 16 - structure, dinosaur bones and boned skirts xxx:
Week 16 - Structure

Week 15 - Vietnam   The Webblings in traditional clothing and smelling the national flower, a lotus xxx:
Week 15 - Vietnam

Week 14 - Whimsy  Watercolours and pencil.   Would you like a cupcake? xxx:
Week 14 - Whimsy

Week 13 : Transport  Harry Webbling is addicted to steam trains, he absolutely loves them so that was the natural choice with this illustration.   Watercolour and pencil xxx:
Week 13 - Transport

Bonus Challenge: Cocoon  Watercolours and pencil. I hope you like the Webblings safe and snug asleep in a cocoon xxx:
BONUS - Cocoon

Week 12- Costume:
Week 12 - Costume

Week 11 - Green  Harry agreed to be in Lilly's ballet performance but only if he could be a dinosaur! xxx:
Week 11- Green

Week 10 - Night  I put the Webblings to bed, tuck them in and read them a story. Ten minutes later I pop my head round the door to see something like this :) just a standard night in the Webb house and I wouldn't change it one bit xxx  Watercolours and pencil. Practising with my masking fluid but need to work on it xxx:
Week 10 - NIght

Week 9 - Texture

Week 8 - Coffee

Week 7 - Farm

Week 6 - Magic

Week 5 - Kitchen
Week 4 - Insect
Week 3 - Retro

Week 2 - Italy

Week 1 - Fairytale