Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Meet The Cornlings, 

These adorable little creatures are created from your very own dreams. As you sleep, tiny fragments of dreams slip from your pillow and gather under your bed. When just the right amount of dreams are collected into a little ball, it bounces about and a Cornling is born. So next time you hear something under your bed, don't be afraid, it may just be a Cornling playing amonst your toys and odd socks. Finding a Cornling is very special indeed, if you take very good care of them they may make your dreams come true! 


Caring for your Cornling

1. Never EVER feed your Cornling Broccoli, they hate the stuff!!!
2. Cornlings like to be sang to preferably show tunes but they have been known to enjoy the odd rap song and a bit of country too.
3. Cornlings need room to bounce, it's how they get around so don't shove all your toys under your bed when you are asked to tidy your room.
4.Cornlings like people, give them plenty of affection but do not brush their hair, it WILL turn grey.
5. DO NOT BATH YOUR CORNLING, they cannot swim! They do not enjoy water of any kind and they do not care if you think they stink!
6. Cornlings get frightened by other pets, please keep them safely away from teeth and slobber.
7. To make a wish upon your Cornling, simply hold it between your hands and whisper. 

Win a Cornling

I have a giveaway on my facebook page but it ends soon so be quick ... 

They are 100%wool needlefelted with glass bead eyes.
Each one comes with the story and care instructions.
They are a decorative item not intended for children because they have not been safety tested.
To order please email
 £4.50 each plus postage

Love Moby and Puddle