Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Stockist Showcase - Angel Heart Keepsakes

This Alice In Wonderland bauble has beautiful paper details.
I have been to countless amounts of craft fairs, whenever we are away I search for little artisan shops to spend my pennies on. I truly do think there is something just a little more magical when an item has been created from someones own hands and heart.

This fairy bauble is my favourite, there is so much to see!
That being said, I have seen a lot of different crafts but when artist Lesley Munnings bought her baubles into The Enchanted Boutique for the first time, I was literally amazed! I have never seen anything even close to what her baubles are like. They are truly enchanting and no photograph could do them justice (though I have tried to take some nice ones!)  The detail and the intricacy of the designs are stunning, there is so much to see in each one that you could get lost inside them daydreaming the day away.

This new mum with twin babies is needle felted and adorned with gems.

Lesley is a local artist based in Plymouth, she is available for custom orders too and can be contacted through her facebook page, Angel Heart Keepsakes.

You can order any letter/name.
So once upon a time I would have said that baubles were for Christmas but Angel Heart Keepsakes has proved that baubles are for life NOT just for Christmas! Come down to The House That Jack Built on Plymouth Barbican and find Moby and Puddle's Enchanted Boutique to see a collection of baubles to cherish all year long. xxx

Baubles come in different sizes and are mounted on wood or have stands.