Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Easy Lace Crown Tutorial

My daughters school decided to go all out for St Georges Day this year and Lilly Webbling wanted a lace crown (which wouldn't fit over her braided hair on the day but she still loves it and has worn it lots)

This is a very simple crown that only uses three materials, fabric stiffener ( I used Paverpol), super glue and any lace that you like the look of, you can use scraps but make sure that the length will fit around your head. You will also need a plastic container big enough to wrap the lace around, (I used a beach bucket) and a paint brush.

We used grey lace to compliment her Merida outfit.

Firstly add a thin layer of the fabric stiffener to the outside of the bucket and lay the lace directly ontop of the stiffener. This will help it to stay in place, overlap the ends by around 1cm.
Buckets are great because they ger bigger as they go up so you can make them bigger or smaller and could make more than one at a time on one bucket.

Next brush on the fabric stiffener, be generous with your application as the more you use the harder your crown will be.

Add more layers to make it harder.

As it dries the fabric will get darker. Once it is completely dry (Mine took around two hours in the sunshine) you can add another layer if you would like to make it even stiffer.

Then gently peel it away from bucket, it should retain its curved shape. It may leave some residue on the bucket which should peel off easily because the fabric stiffener does not stick to plastic.

It should peel away without any resistance.

Join the two ends with super glue. You can try and match the pattern if you would like to but we were having too much fun to think of that!

Any basic brand of superglue will do the job.

You may find that the edges are a bit uneven and there is fabric stiffener around the crown, that can easily be trimmed with a pair of household scissors. to neaten it up.

Rough edges can be trimmed.
You can leave your crown here if you would like to, however we decided to add some organza flowers to brighten it up and make it even prettier.

My Lilly Webbling loves her lacey crown.

The crown is great for children because it is not completely stiff so can handle being played with and still be put back in shape. It took no longer than 20 minutes without drying time and Lilly enjoyed helping. If I were to make it again I would do it slightly bigger to accomodate her plait but the rest of the process was incredibly simple.

I hope that this tutorial helps and if you do decide to create one I would love to see it xxx