Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Eggsberts - Needle Felted Easter Creatures

These are the Eggsberts, they are very shy, very rare creatures only found in the top secret Easter Chocory where the Easter Bunny is head of operations. Eggsberts are the expert egg testers, they have all sorts of different ways to test the eggs, from jumping on the top of the eggs to test the strength to rolling them down hills to test the shape.
They are easily recognisable by their egg shaped uniforms and there colourful beards. They are much smaller than the bunnies and the chicks that work alongside them in the Chocory and like to sleep in the basket room.
If you would like an Eggsbert to help you test the eggs on Easter morning please let me know. I have managed to find three that would like to relocate but I could ask if anymore would like to have semi retirement xxx

Moby and Puddle was founded upon whimsy and fairytale, in the last year I have lost sight of why I started making my characters, I wanted to tell stories! It cannot be a coincidence that my sales have dropped in recent months despite the quality of my work improving. I stopped giving my creations stories, characters and personality. I have updated my business plan and the whimsy is coming back, the stories will be fresh and alive once more. I feel that Moby and Puddle has reached a new point and from here on will be get better and better. Thank you for sticking with me! Love Samantha xxx