Monday, 21 March 2016

Hobbycraft Make & Bake Clay Review

I was given a packet of Hobbycraft Make and Bake Clay in a very beautiful bright pink colour. I am very much a Fimo girl but I thought that I would give it a try and see how it went. This is just a quick review of my own experience with it and my own opinions only. As I have already said the colour is absolutely gorgeous!

The packaging was a nightmare to get off, I rarely use more than a little bit of clay at one time and always rewrap in the original packaging before storing in bags, there was no way to open this plastic without ripping it unfortunately.
I ripped off a chunk and it was very crumbly considering how soft the clay was. It had a very playdoughy texture rather than polymer clay.
It has an oily feeling to it but this made it very easily mouldable and it needed very little conditioning to get it into a small ball.
It worked really great with cutters, they came out very clean cut around the edges. However it was more difficult to sculpt anything with my hands, it was very soft and picked up every little print.
I managed to combine the hearts into one and the clay blends really well, possibly because of the oily texture too. It is more shiny than matte and feels sticky to the touch even when left for a little while.
Putting a head pin into the unbaked clay was difficult, it went through the clay easily, maybe a little too easy though because it distorted the bottom of the heart where it was pushed in and I had to resculpt the shape a little.
I baked as per the instructions and this little heart charm is the end result. Once baked the clay still has a shine without having any varnish on it at all. It seems very hard and would be hard wearing too. I am impressed with the final result.

I don't think that I would be happy to use this full time for my orders because it is too soft to be able to sculpt any significant details into and I was not fond of the slippery, oily texture of the unbaked clay. However for little charms like this I think that it is a great price per packet and I would definitely buy it for my children to save my Fimo clay for my work. It comes out in a beautiful finish which is essentially the most important thing. I am now hoping that I can store it in my poly bags without it affecting the clay since the original packaging had to be binned.

I hope that this has been informative. If you would like to buy some Hobbycraft Make and Bake Clay follow this link ... Hobbycraft xxx