Sunday, 17 April 2016

How To Make A Dragon Egg In Under 5 Mins

Grab a few sparkly bits

My Webblings have a St Georges Day project to do for next Friday and as I have been super busy getting the Enchanted Boutique ready so I needed a quick project that they could have fun with but wouldn't take a long time (or cost much, total cost was £5.00). The Webblings have decided they want to be dragons (the outfits will take longer than 5 minutes I am sure!!!) so they decided to make Dragon Eggs for their school projects. You can create these in under 5 mins but they need to dry overnight so don't start them just before the kids go to school!

I managed to get some plastic eggs (Frozen and Star Wars, other plastic egg varieties are available I am sure, haha) from the sweetie aisle and some glitter glue (paint would just flake off), star confetti and little pearl gems.

Split the eggs in half and discard the contents (feel free to eat the sweets and wear the badge if you get one, as modeled by the lovely Harrison. Squeeze as much glitter glue on as you like and spread the glue around to cover the egg.

cover the egg but don't worry about the colour showing through!
Then the fun bit .... sparkles and stars!

They started with one at a time.

Harry wasn't keen on getting glue on his hands!
so he decided sprinkling was a better method!

Lilly was a little more delicate with her decorations so it took her a little longer but not much.
Then they added a second layer of glue so that all of the stars and gems would definetly stick in place. And they were ready to dry!

Very Proud Harrison Webbling

Very Proud Lilly Webbling

We left them to dry overnight and then peeled them off of the kitchen roll, did I mention some sort of table cover is essential? This is a messy activity and a disposable one would be best!!!

We put them together and hey presto! two beautiful Dragon eggs all ready for the St George's Day parade next Friday! Under 5 mins and around £5.00 including jelly beans!!!

Finished Dragon Eggs!

Very happy little lady with her sparkly pink egg!

The best bit about this project is that the Webblings got to do the whole things themselves too, it was short enough to keep Harrison's attention and sparkly enough to get Lilly really excited! Other than giving instructions I did nothing to help them with this project, they have a real sense of pride and ownership of their eggs that they wouldn't have had if I had made them for them! They are so pretty too. It is a bit messy but not too badly and doesn't take up lots of space.

If you decide to let your little ones make them please post a picture, I would love to see more!

Love Samantha xxx