Sunday, 24 April 2016

Tregantle Beach Clean Art inspired by Smartie Lids On The Beach

In honour of Earth Day and because the sun was shining, my husband, daughter and I decided to head to one of our favourite places, the beach! We headed over to Cornwall and towards Whitsand Bay, we usually go to Sharrow but unfortunately the bad weather lately has made it too dangerous to reach. We decided to explore Tregantle instead. We are incredibly lucky to have so much natural beauty nearby!

We walked down the trail from car park to the beach and the scenery is absolutely stunning! The beach was quiet and the sea was calm. You couldn't wish for a more serene environment.

My little sand spryte (image by Webb Family Photography) xxx
I recently discovered (via #Lego) on Instagram, an artist named Michelle Costello who is also based in this part of the world, Smartie Lids On The Beach is an amazing project that helps to clean up the beaches.

I am not sure if it is because I never took the time to notice it on other beaches or if it is because I have not been to Tregantle before, but I noticed so much plastic washed up on the beach. It was literally scattered with all kinds of plastic that is harmful to the environment and the wildlife. Perhaps it is the influence of Smartie-Lids-On-The-Beach that has opened my eyes to the sheer amount of plastic that is just ignored and discarded on our beaches?

We literally found a rainbow of plastic just from a very short 10 min walk from the foot of the pathway to where we placed our blanket.

plastic rainbow?
 It was a real shame to see so much rubbish in one spot and we were feeling a little down about it, which is not at all what Earth Day should be about!!! SO we decided to make a little art with the discarded plastic ...

A Bird
A boat
A flower pot.
And of course you can't have Earth Day without thinking of the little ones that help Mother Nature with her work ....

A Sea Fairy
Please take a look at Michelle's wonderful work, I have added links to both instagram and facebook for you to click on. It is an eye opener and it is inspirational. We were just playing and of course we took all of the plastic, that we picked up, home to be recycled. Our little way of thanking the Earth for all that it gives us!

Happy Earth Day xxx