Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fimo Air Light - Microwaveable Review

This review is based on my experience, the first time that I got to experiment with Fimo Air Light, microwaveable clay, it is my own opinion and nothing more.

This version is almost exactly like the air dry Fimo Air Light (please see the previous blog post for a review on the air dry clay) except that as the name suggests, you can set it in a microwave. You simply make your product, pop it into your microwave next to a small bowl of water and zap at 600w for 10mins.

The clay has no scent even whilst cooking which makes it great for using with children and you do not need to have a separate microwave either. The white version is brilliant white, I added mica pigment for the creations in the image above, the gold looks great but the silver made the clay look a bit dirty. The clay is hard to keep clean and you cannot use a wet wipe as you would with polymer clay because the moisture smooths the details that you have purposely added.

I found that the texture was brilliant for making marshmallow charms though! This is another product that works better with the moulds than sculpting figures although I did create a small bird figure which has a very simple shape. Once dry the beak of the bird is extremely sharp and surprisingly hard. It can be painted and varnished once the clay has been set too.

I would highly recommend the microwave version rather than the air dry version if you are intending to use the product with children because the fact that it is so fast to set is amazing, it really helps if they want to add colours afterwards. I do not think that I would use this clay to make anything with a lot of detail but I will definitely be using it with my own children as an introduction to clay.