Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fimo Air Natural Review

This is a review of my own first experience using Fimo air natural clay and is solely my opinion.

When I opened this clay I was a little intimidated, it is nothing at all like polymer clay which is my clay of choice. It is like a paper pulp to handle and is rather wet. It has an off white colour to it and looks like a really natural product. It gets dry quite quickly and is very messy but a lot of fun! You need to use a lot of water with this clay to sculpt it into the shapes that you require but only small drops at a time or you will be left with an usable clump of mulch.

It surprised me by being really mouldable, it took on the shapes easily and really responded to the small amount of water that I used to smooth edges and join the components together. It also kept the ridges that I created for the toadstools really well as it dried too! I did not colour it before sculpting because of how wet it felt but it can be painted afterwards which I fully intend to do with acrylic paints.

It is brilliant for children because it has no scent whilst moulding or setting it. However it does take 24 hours to completely set so you would need extremely patient children and more than one crafting session to complete a piece.

I am really looking forward to trying more with this clay, it has a really great texture that feels very natural and is very inspiring. I think it would be great for any creation based around nature, trees, toadstools etc and I hope to explore some of these options despite the messiness which to be fair only makes it more fun! I am not sure that I would be able to do anything with huge sculpted detail but I would really like to try.

This is definitely a clay to try if you like to get messy and really feel the clay between your fingers. Children will love it too. xxx