Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Brilliance Of Staedtler

I am a member of a small parent and toddler group which I attend with my gorgeous baby boy. It is a non profit group and funds are low! I was asked by the organiser if I would mind running a small clay class, I jumped at the chance but as you know clay is not a cheap material! On the off chance that I might get lucky I sent an email to Staedtler, manufacturer of Fimo asking for help. The response I got was unbelievable, they had such a personal approach and sent plenty enough for me to run a session with the group and everyone to come home with a small creation. I cannot say thank you enough or say how thrilled that I am with the products. Some of those I had never used previously so I have had a little go before the session (reviews for each will come soon). I will be a Staedtler customer for life, any business that can help small groups deserves a big round of applause! THANK YOU STAEDTLER xxx