Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fimo Moulds Review

This is a review based on my first experience of using Fimo moulds. It is purely my opinion.

I have never used moulds to create anything with clay previously but as I was sent them so generously by Staedtler to use in my clay session in June and I thought that I had better try it out before I take them along, I was so surprised by how beautiful they are and how easy they are to use!

I used the air dry clay, I sprinkled one with powdered chalk and the other with mica pigment then pressed the clay into the mould. The fact that they are transparent helps you to check you have no air bubbles and they are really bendable so you lose no detail when you push the shapes outwards.

I find the shapes beautiful though a little flat in comparison to my usual dimensional creations because the bottoms are completely flat. However my 5 year old daughter pointed out that they would be lovely as fridge magnets so we will be adding small magnets to the back of my examples.

They are so simple that anyone can create beautiful pieces of art work. They can be used for Fimo soft, to make candles, chocolate, crayons, soaps etc too, they are so versatile. If you are working with children or with adults who need to build a little confidence with clay before starting a more independent project then these moulds are fantastic! I intend to use them during the session and combine them with Fimo Air Light to create more magnets.

Unexpectedly these are highly recommended! xxx