Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sculpey Bake 'n' Bend Clay Review

I finally got around to playing with the bake and bend. I decided to make a little frog, please excuse the photograph it isn't great but you get the idea.
This is the first time I had attempted to use it, it feels like ready conditioned clay and is really smooth but oily to sculpt. The colours blend nicely which is great because the pack only has basic colours included. It sculpts very easily but takes a lot of work to smoothen joints and attach more pieces, such as the legs on this frog.
It was very difficult to add any fine details to the clay because it is so soft. Perhaps blanching (correct term?) to reduce the oil might help but I was eager to play with it.
I used the specified time and temperature but it still burnt on the thinner bits, I expect some of you would be able to avoid this but I never usually have this problem with fimo but that does bake at a lower temperature anyway. A paint job should be able to save him.
Fully baked and cooled, I tried to bend it. In my opinion bendable is not exactly the right word to describe it. It is a little more flexible than regular clay and good for pieces like the tongue which would be less likely to break off but it doesn't really 'bend' as such. I fear that even the tongue would snap off if you tried to really bend it and not just wiggle it! The feet have little to no flexibility, same for the eyes.
So for a first attempt, I would say I learnt to bake at a lower temperature and not to expect too much flexibility. I think it would be best suited for bangles or rings that need just a little flexibility to wear.
Would love to know if anyone has better success or could give me any tips. Love Sam x